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    PCDHTC142 - Easy Change PCD tool

         2 Full Round PCD Removal Plate


Ÿ            For use on Easy change and walk-behind coating removal.

Ÿ            These PCD (polycrystalline diamond) removal wings are good for removal of thick coatings, epoxy, urethane & other membranes.

Ÿ            2 Full Round PCD wings provide an aggressive removal that is controlled by a diamond segment that slows the wear of the PCD when in contact with concrete.

Ÿ            Full round design provides extra support and ensures complete PCD life to the core

Ÿ            For best results, use to remove the bulk of thick coatings without continued contact with concrete. Come back with an aggressive metal bond diamond segment and clean up any thin coating left behind. This helps to preserve the life of the PCD segments.

Ÿ            Very aggressive.