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2017-2-15Super Powerful Hybrid Polishing Pad with New Hybrid Technology Developed - MEtool has just successfully developed a Super Hybrid Polishing Pad with New Hybrid Technology in Jan. This New Hybrid Pad works perfectly both Dry and Wet condition
2016-3-2New Technology of Ceramic Bond Polishing Pad - MEtool has successfully developed a new polishing pad with new technology of Ceramic. This Ceramic Bond Polishing Pad has advantages of
2016-4-21Agents Wanted We are looking for Distributors and Agents in South Africa USA NZ Australia Brazil Russia
2016-3-11History of Concrete - Cement has been a naturally occurring substance for more than 12 million years and was used in rudimentary
2016-3-2How to Polish Concrete - Simply put polishing concrete is similar to sanding wood